Growing Together

We are a neurodiverse team of mentors, apprentices, college students, community members and service organization volunteers all working together to maintain our garden and prepare deliveries for local businesses!


Our Mission

To offer apprenticeship-style learning and job opportunities in a neurodiverse community of individuals preparing for college, learning a trade, or seeking internships to further their education.

How We Fulfill Our Mission

We offer targeted mini-apprenticeships on a contract basis to perform essential organizational tasks in our garden, in the community, and for organizational management. This summer, we hired our first group of apprentices! We are hard at work harvesting and delivering zinnias, sunflowers, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, chard, and more. There are three areas of emphasis in our work:

flower arranging.jpg


In addition to gardening, we also offer positions supporting the organization with projects such as: photography and art in the garden, creating video projects for social media, assisting with fund drives, sales and delivery, and coordinating projects with partner organizations.


We partner with community organizations, learning centers, trade schools, and college students as part of our mission, with a focus on a mentor/apprentice style of skills sharing for real-world, on the job learning.


Our garden is for everyone! If you’d like to volunteer, you can join us at Temple Hall Farm for a work day, learn more about our organization AND give back to your community all at the same time. Please sign up here: Legacy Farms SIGN UP GENIUS


Your Support is Essential

Fund an Apprentice


Your donation to Legacy Farms supports short-term, contract-based jobs for a mentor and/or an apprentice (ages 16 and up), learning real-world skills in gardening, media design, sales management or non-profit organizational development. The program is well underway, and we hired our first group of paid apprentices this summer!

Mentor or Hire a Legacy Farmer

Legacy Farms is always looking for local mentors and employers with whom to partner. If you wish to learn more about the benefits to your organization and how to support this effort, please contact us.