Community Based Day Programs

Legacy Farms provides morning and afternoon day program for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or a developmental disability. Per other successful gardening programs, we have outlined several strategies and tips to ensure our program is successful and the information we provide is understood and absorb in the best way possible.

  • Participants will explore and participate on their own terms. Curiosity and engagement in the lessons will encourage them to take down barriers and built trust in others.
  • Repetitive activities and differentiated instruction will be utilized. Students move through lessons at their own pace to increase comfort level and experience success.
  • Behavior plan will be honored and social skills will be taught both in lessons and in the “teachable moment”.

Participation in inclusive garden programs benefits all those involved. In addition to plantings, our programs sow seeds of understanding and acceptance that will last them a lifetime.

Each program is unique, however they all provide opportunities for peer interaction and community integration while focused on the following:

  • Task learning;
  • Community resource utilization;
  • Environmental and behavioral skills;
  • Social skills; and
  • Pre-vocational skills.