Employment Assistance Services

This year, Legacy Farms will begin offering a wider array of programs and services. Our goal is to provide our clientele who seek to work in a competitive work environment with the skills they need to begin achieving their employment goals, while still offering those interested with a day program that improves problem solving skills and promotes independent thinking. 

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Agrarian Based Job Skills Training

This service is a defined set of activities that lead to development of agrarian based skills for a specific career outcome consistent with the client's goals and locally available employment opportunities. The specified skill development is primarily at the farm or may be at a community site. The skills acquired will be appropriate for entry level work in the field of preparation and/or transferable to other job areas.

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Employment Assistance

Employment Assistance will be provided to those who complete our job skills training and are interested in seeking full or part time employment. Our team will work with you to determine your strengths and aid in finding suitable employment with one of our partners in the community.