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As a young nonprofit, volunteers are key to our organization's success. Our volunteer team serves a variety of positions. We utilize the professional skills of board members and volunteers alike to maximize our effectiveness in meeting our mission and succeeding at our goals. 

Legacy Farms offers a variety of volunteer opportunities in the areas of vocational rehabilitation, gardening, marketing and fundraising, nonprofit management, and more. You will enjoy a fulfilling experience while helping to further the Legacy Farms mission and objectives.

Please see the detailed descriptions of volunteer options, and then submit an inquiry form (bottom of page) indicating your area of interest!

Volunteer Training

We support new interns and volunteers through shadowing existing staff, providing internal training interventions including coaching and mentoring. All our volunteers must attend a 1-day workshop to learn about the Legacy Farms mission, vision, goals, and culture. 

Due to the nature of roles that require volunteer/intern to work directly with clients, volunteers/interns may be required to complete a Criminal Background Check.

Farm Team

Legacy Farms Garden Ambassador

Legacy Farms Garden Ambassador

Legacy Garden Ambassador

Description: Greeting and directing the public. Attend garden during group or volunteer activities. Give tours of the garden, answer questions about the organization and share our message. Watering and weeding.

Prior Experience Needed: Some touring and gardening experience helpful.

Qualifications: Ability to lead tours and interact with the public to share our mission with others. Must be comfortable working with people with disabilities.

Training: 1-day Orientation and on the job training will be provided.

Time: This is an “as needed” position based on upcoming events and specific activities that require someone to be onsite. Flexible weekdays; weekends Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. or 12:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m., or Sunday 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Physical Requirements: Ability to sit/stand for 4-hour shifts. Ability to kneel, bend, and use garden tools. Must be able to stand and walk through some uneven terrain.

 Instructor’s AidE 

Assist with individuals of varying ages and abilities in vocational skills training and therapeutic horticultural activities. Client groups includes persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s, and other developmental and social challenges. Support the Instructor in delivering a meaningful learning experience to our adult clientele and to successfully promote the program both internally and externally.

Prior Experience: Experience working in a horticultural setting with persons with disabilities. Background in social work, nursing, or teaching is helpful.

Qualifications: Ability to interact with individuals of all ages and varying abilities

Training: 1-day orientation and shadowing of existing staff/volunteers

Time: Program specific

Physical Requirements: The requirements will depend on the type of opportunity offered. Accommodations can be made to meet needs of volunteer.

Instructors Aid

Instructors Aid




Maintain Legacy Farms gardens including vegetable, flower and herb garden, raised beds, vineyard and butterfly garden. Duties include weeding, watering, raking, pruning, propagation, landscaping and occasional planting.

Prior Experience Needed: Nursery or landscape work helpful

Qualifications: Ability to work outside as part of a group; interest in native plants helpful but not required.

Training: 1-day orientation and on the job coaching

Time: 2-3 hour shifts. Flexible. Weekdays/weekends between 9:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Physical Requirements: Outdoor gardening: Must be able to use garden implements, bend, kneel, occasionally lift heavy items and be outside for 2-3 hours in summer heat.

Garden Advisors

Garden Advisors

Garden Advisors

The Garden Advisors are special volunteers who offer help and advice to aid Legacy Farms in the planning and organization of gardens and greenhouse. A 1-day orientation for new Garden Advisors provides an overview of the Legacy Farms philosophy and mission.

Prior Experience: Garden/Farm/Nursery job experience, Garden Clubs, Master Gardener experience are helpful

Qualifications: Computer skills (ability to use Internet) are required for communication and planning purposes, as are the ability to interact with individuals of all ages with and without disabilities. Knowledge of native plants and soil treatments is very helpful.

Training: 1-day orientation

Time: Flexible

Physical Requirements: Outdoor gardening: Must be able to use garden implements, bend, kneel, occasionally lift heavy items and be outside for 2-3 hours in summer heat.

Note: This role can be filled by several people based on specialties and experience working with specific plants and/or environments such as greenhouses, raised beds, herb gardens, flowers, fruits and vegetables, etc. 

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