Legacy Farms: Helping Individuals with Autism Find Competitive Employment

Jacob working at Sunset Hills Vineyard

Jacob working at Sunset Hills Vineyard

Legacy Farms is committed to helping individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities explore opportunities that advance their employment, education, life skills, health, and well-being. Our programs provide experience in a wide array of agrarian based job skills and settings, all designed to give our farmers “hands-on” learning opportunities and contribute to their community.

We are thrilled you made your way here and strongly urge you to take a few moments out of your day to read about the work we have done, and what we seek to do in the future. There is a long road ahead for those with developmental disabilities, and our goal is to provide an alternative pathway to a life filled with meaning and hope.

Our main role is to help our clients get jobs! We do this by providing a place where they can experience "first-hand" what life is like on a farm.  Our unique approach helps to generalize them to a rural environment, learn valuable job skills, and build strong connections with the community. 

Job skills training: Planting seeds

Job skills training: Planting seeds

Currently, we are responsible for successfully assisting nearly a dozen of our clients with employment opportunities at A Farm Less Ordinary, Sunset Hills Vineyard and Tarara Winery

Specialized Day Programs

Job Development and Assistance 

At Legacy Farms, our role is to provide the proper support needed for those who choose to utilize our employment and day support services and offer a welcoming and safe environment to learn. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to do meaningful work, therefore we offer a selection of services to meet the individual needs of each participant. They include:

  • Agrarian Based Job Skills Training;and
  • Employment Assistance; 

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"Hand's on" Activities

We also offer weekday services and programs to aid participants in reaching their fullest potential. By providing a variety of options, they are able to expand their interaction with their peers, their community and the world at large within structured settings. These include:

  • Life Skills;
  • Introduction to Self-Employment;
  • Legacy Farmers Giving Back;
  • Farm and Art Therapy; and
  • Health and well-being.

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Interested in Hiring a Legacy Farmer?

Legacy Farms is always looking for local employers with whom to partner. Interested employers who wish to learn more about employing individuals with disabilities and its benefits, as well as those who are actively looking for employees, can contact us at any time.

"Loudoun County is full of agribusiness and job opportunities that would be great for people like Ian. There’s just no one bridging that gap,” said Martha Schonberger, president of Legacy Farms, “That’s where we’ll come in."
— Martha Schonberger, President Legacy Farms-Leesburg Today June 25, 2015
Legacy Farmers in Action

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