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June 18-July 26

Tuesdays-Fridays, 9:30-noon

Temple Hall Farm

The interviews, photography, and narration in this video were created for Legacy Farms by one of our participant apprentices! See more of her work at ARTWORKS.

We provide garden-based training and foundational work skills support.

Legacy Farms is committed to helping individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental and social challenge explore opportunities that advance their education, life skills, health, and well-being. Our programs provide experience in a wide array of agrarian based job skills and settings, all designed to give our farmers “hands-on” learning opportunities and contribute to their community.

We are thrilled you made your way here and strongly urge you to take a few moments out of your day to read about the work we have done, and what we seek to do in the future. There is a long road ahead for those with developmental disabilities, and our focus in on defining an alternative pathway to a life filled with meaning and hope.

Enjoy "Hands-on" Learning in Our Garden

Our programs aid participants in reaching their fullest potential. By providing a variety of program and job skill development options within structured settings, we help expand interaction with their peers, the community, and the world at large. 

Individualized Apprenticeships 

At Legacy Farms, our role is to provide the proper support through garden-based seasonal programs that focus on job skills and personal development. We offer a welcoming and safe environment to learn. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to do meaningful work, therefore we offer a selection of services to meet the individual needs of each participant.

Currently, we are designing and facilitating a small number of customized apprenticeships to explore the mentor/apprenticeship model and support the specific needs of our participants.

(Learn more about our garden program and apprenticeships...)

Interested in Mentoring/Hiring Legacy Farmer?

Legacy Farms is always looking for local mentors and employers with whom to partner. If you wish to learn more about the benefits to your organization and how to support this effort, please contact us.

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"Loudoun County is full of agribusiness and job opportunities that would be great for people like Ian. There’s just no one bridging that gap,” said Martha Schonberger, president of Legacy Farms, “That’s where we’ll come in."

— Martha Schonberger, Founder, Legacy Farms-Leesburg Today June 25, 2015