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Kevin the Destroyer

Meet Kevin! He is one of the many foul, I mean fowl that live at the farm. Kevin loves strawberries, tomatoes, and blueberries. His "harem" love taking dirt baths in raised beds and the roots of blueberry bushes. 

We love Kevin because he taught us a lot over the Summer of 2015. We started out on the wrong foot at the beginning of the Summer, but as we began to live and work together we realized that we planted our garden where Kevin use to spend most of his time. We learned to provide areas for him and his "harem" to dig in the dirt, we grew strawberries strictly for him and he sticks to his own patch, and we gave him the older tomatoes. 

We realized that in order to have an amazing garden, we would need to work with nature as opposed to against her, and we used that same philosophy for the rest of our pests as well. Thank you Kevin for teaching us about Permaculture.