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Team Breakfast at Legacy Farms

Legacy Farms Team Breakfast and Open House

at Temple Hall Farm

Please join us at 10 AM on Saturday April 23rd, 2016 for our 

1st Annual Team Breakfast at Legacy Farms. 


We want to start the year out right by showing our appreciation for all the work our volunteers, the advisory committee and the board do to ensure we are successful each year, so we are buying you breakfast! 

During breakfast, we will be discussing the upcoming Spring, Summer and Fall programs, our new greenhouse and much more... 

You will have an opportunity to view the watering schedule and let us know how you can help with some of the weekly tasks such as watering and weeding that go along with running the garden.

We have several new board members you will meet and we look forward to meeting new volunteers as well.

Breakfast will be provided around 10:30 and you will have an opportunity to tour the garden and see what we will be offering this year.