Seasonal Programs Application Form

Welcome to another exciting year at Legacy Farms! We will once again hold our programs at Temple Hall Farm Regional Park, in Leesburg, VA. We offer three seasonal programs that have been developed and refined through direct experience as we established our garden and greenhouse over the last several years.

This is our fourth year providing vocational training to adults with autism and other developmental and social challenges and we seek to provide the best teaching environment we can. We understand working with individuals with disabilities means we should be ready for anything; however, we don’t want any surprises either.  

Before you begin, please understand that every application will be fairly and objectively reviewed. It is also worth noting that only 15 applicants will be able to participate in a given program. 

A potential participant must:

  • be a post-secondary (finished their high school education) adult (at least 18 years old), or be accompanied by a legal guardian or supervisor;

  • have a developmental disability and/or social challenges with interacting with people in society or engaging in normal social behaviors;

  • have access to reliable transportation to and from sites;

  • be able to eat independently;

  • be able to use the toilet independently;

  • be mobile and able to orient or walk from place to place;

  • not be physically or emotionally harmful to themselves or others;

  • be able to follow two step directions with minimal support; and

  • be able to contribute something to the Legacy Farms Community.

Each participant and family/guardian(s) will be required to fill out an application and participate in an interview process with Legacy Farms Support Staff.  Decisions for inviting individuals to initially join the Legacy Farms Community will be based on the potential member meeting the entrance requirements listed above, the assessment by Legacy Farms Support Staff and what the student is looking to get out of the programs.

Online Application

The application will take about 10-15 minute to complete. To prepare, please preview and consider typing your responses in a Word file ahead of time to ensure nothing gets lost if for some reason you are interrupted and unable to complete the form.

Take a moment to gather your thoughts and consider how you will represent your child so that we may best serve them. There are many aspects of your adult child’s personality that you should try to highlight in the application, and we truly look forward to reading about him or her. The application process gives us an introduction and understanding of the individual with whom we will be working so that we can be prepared. Please be honest with us and with yourself.

If you would prefer to fill out this form and send in by mail, you can download a copy to print and fill out. Printed forms should be mailed to:

Legacy Farms  (c/o Seasonal Program Application)

PO Box 4499

Leesburg, Va. 20177

Questions? Email us:

Next Steps:

After your application is reviewed, we will contact you to discuss placement in our program. If we agree it is a good fit, then Medical Forms and other finalization documents requiring a signature will be emailed to you with the request that they be signed and returned by mail. Your placement is not complete until we receive the final signed forms!

Final Paperwork & Program Donation Request:

As our programs are still new and under development, we do not currently charge for our services. We want everyone to be able to attend! AND we also need to balance the financial demands of a working farm and staff to support our programs. Therefore, if you or your family member is participating, we will request a donation for

For spring and fall programs, we suggest $250 for participation in each seasonal program. For summer, we request $550/total for those who can attend 1-2 days a week and $850/total for those who can attend 3-4 days a week. Ultimately, the donation amount should be determined by you, based on your need and ability to support this programming.